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“Nepali Movies Make a Big Impact in the UK: Mahapurush Takes Over Cine World Theatres

Nepali Movies in UK, Started with Mahapurush screening in 10 locations.

The Nepali movie industry has taken a big step forward with the release of the first Nepali film in the UK, Mahapurush, starring Haribansa Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha. This landmark event took place on January 23, 2023, and was received with great enthusiasm by the local audience. The film was shown in ten Cine World locations throughout the UK, including Scotland.

Nepal11 Entertainment, a Nepali movie distribution company, is at the forefront of this exciting development. They are thrilled to release exclusive Nepali films under their contract in the UK in the coming future. Their next release, Fulbari, is set for February 17th, 2023, and promises to be just as successful as Mahapurush.

The release of Nepali movies in the UK marks a new chapter for the Nepali film industry, which has come a long way in recent years. The increasing popularity of Nepali movies among audiences in the UK reflects the growing global appeal of Nepali cinema. The success of Mahapurush and upcoming releases like Fulbari will provide a much-needed boost to the Nepali film industry and encourage further investment in the industry.

The excitement of watching Nepali movies on the big screen in the UK is palpable. The local audience was overwhelmed to see their favourite Nepali actors and actresses on the big screen, in cinemas that are the envy of the world. This is a great opportunity for Nepali filmmakers to showcase their talent and reach new audiences.

In conclusion, the release of Nepali movies in the UK, starting with Mahapurush, is a testament to the growing popularity of Nepali cinema around the world. The success of this release and the upcoming releases from Nepal11 Entertainment will open doors for the Nepali film industry and provide a platform for Nepali filmmakers to showcase their talent on a global stage. So, get ready to enjoy the best of Nepali movies in the UK and Scotland, and be sure to catch the next release, Fulbari, on February 17th, 2023!”

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