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Nepali Movie “Nango Gaun” Starring Dayahang Rai Premieres in the USA from Coast to Coast


Nepali cinema enthusiasts in the United States are in for a treat as the highly anticipated Nepali movie “Nango Gaun,” featuring the acclaimed Dayahang Rai and the talented Miruna Magar, makes its grand debut today in the USA. The film will be screened in a staggering 97 shows across the nation this week, with additional shows slated for the coming week. Several exclusive private screenings have also been arranged, promising a cinematic experience like no other. Moreover, fans in Canada can look forward to the movie’s release at the end of this month.


“Nango Gaun,” the latest gem in Nepali cinema, has already made waves in its homeland, enjoying a spectacular opening in Kathmandu and various cities across Nepal. The on-screen chemistry between Dayahang Rai and Miruna Magar, previously showcased in the successful screening of “Kabaddi 4” and “Jaari,” has endeared itself to audiences in North America, earning rave reviews.


This much-anticipated movie will be gracing the screens in multiple cities across the USA, from the bustling metropolis of New York to the tropical paradise of Honolulu, Hawaii. Notable cities on the screening list include three in Texas, two in California, Fairfax, VA, Greensboro, North Carolina, Cleveland, Ohio, and the beautiful landscapes of Honolulu, Hawaii. For specific information about movie theaters and screening locations, please visit the distributor’s website at

“Nango Gaun” is a thought-provoking social drama that delves into the local political issues of Nepal, offering a unique perspective on a political revolution sparked by a dedicated schoolteacher portrayed by Dayahang Rai. Watch as he challenges the entrenched political leadership in a gripping election showdown.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness this captivating cinematic masterpiece that promises to entertain, inspire, and provoke thought. “Nango Gaun” is more than just a movie; it’s a journey through the intricacies of Nepali society and politics, brought to life by a stellar cast and crew.


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