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Nepali Movie Continues to Delight Audiences in the US as It Enters Third Week in More Cities

Nepali Movie Fulbari in USA.

Nepali cinema has been gaining popularity in the United States, as a widely acclaimed Nepali movie continues to screen in theaters across the country. The film was initially released in six cities, and it has now entered its third week in over a dozen cities, including five new ones that began screening the movie this week, such as New York City and Fairfax, Virginia.

The high demand for the movie was evident in the pre-booking of Saturday and Sunday shows, which quickly sold out in many theaters. Regal Harrisburg also increased its shows from three to four per day in the second week, while the Fulbari Nepali movie entered its second week in several cities, such as Atlanta, Georgia, Akron, Ohio, and Los Angeles, California.

Moreover, the movie entered its third week in several more cities, such as Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, Fremont, CA, Greensboro, NC, and Cleveland, OH, where it received an incredible response from audiences on Friday, March 3rd. The amazing opening shows in these cities further cemented the growing interest in Nepali cinema and its unique stories and perspectives.

The success of the Nepali movie in theaters across the United States is a significant development for both filmmakers and moviegoers, indicating the potential for Nepali cinema to make a lasting impact in the country and beyond. The positive response to Nepali cinema in the US bodes well for the future of the industry, as more people are exposed to the quality of the films being produced.

In conclusion, the continued success of the Nepali movie in more cities in the US is a testament to its popularity and the growing interest in Nepali cinema. It is clear that there is a significant demand for films that showcase unique perspectives and stories, and Nepali cinema is well-positioned to continue captivating audiences with its exceptional storytelling.

The movie features popular actors, such as Bipin Karki, Dayahang Rai, Aruna Karki, Priyanka Karki, and Shilpa Maskey, and revolves around the life and relations of a retired couple with their kids and family. This social Nepali drama has touched many hearts and resonated with audiences across the country, cementing its place as one of the must-watch movies of the year. Its success only adds to the growing recognition of Nepali cinema and its unique storytelling.

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